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Consulting, Training, & Staffing Clients
Workforce Development Partners
  • Ford Motor Co

  • General Motors

  • Bombardier Aerospace

  • Bombardier Rail

  • Alston Power Energy

  • Dakkota Systems

  • Piston Automotive

  • Alcoa Electrical Systems

  • Faurecia Automotive (Saline)

  • Akervall Industries

  • Michigan Works

  • Premier Staffing

  • Green Arrow Staffing

  • JAC Products

  • Pollard Banknote

  • MMI Engineering

  • Work Skills

  • Maker Works

  • JIMN

  • Brighter Way

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"The  SSGB class was great  !   Shelia does a great job of keeping it interesting.   I have been in many of those classes as a student and a teacher, and have never seen it ran as well as she does!"
Plant Quality Mgr, Kansas City

The consultant's extensive knowledge in quality systems has played a major role in the transformation of our processes and people in the short time  she worked with us.
Director, Supply Chain Qualiry

Testimonies About Our Training Programs

GSHA Quality and Manufacturing Training Program, has changed my son James life. Not only did the program provide quality & training & job rediness skills. This program has given my son more confidence in himself! The program provide one-on-one mentor support for the students, during & after their training is complete. That is one of the parts i love most! Why, Because, for James, who has never worked in manufacturing, don't know really what to expect. So, for him to have mentors with a broad range of manufacturing experience, he can call, calms the worry he may have about his new job. Plus, gives him the opportunity to vent & ask questions to people he feel most comfortable with.

This program also had employment opportunities lined-up, for the students who successfully completed.

James is one of the students who successfully completed the program, he is currently working full-time, loves his position & is doing well.

I honestly don't believe, James would have received this kind of opportunity or support anywhere else. Further more, even had a successful completion of the trainings, with employment, had it not been for this program!

So, thank you to the entire team for all of your hard work & dedication to our students. Great program!!

- Ms. Durham

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