Employer Led Collaborative (ELC)

Construction Workers
These are trying times for the worker and employer
  • Manufacturers are having challenges finding hourly workers.

  • According to Michigan RSQE forecast, nearly 7000 jobs may be permanently eliminated post Covid

  • In addition, Deloitte study found that over the next decade there is projected to be 2 million manufacturing jobs shortage due to attrition.

  • Workers are struggling to find jobs they have the right skills for hire.

  • Unskilled and low skill workers seeking to upskill for careers with higher earning potential.

GSHA Quality Services has a solution!  We connect workers with employers through our Employer Led Collaborative (ELC)


How does it work?

Employers identify the jobs, and we will do the rest. Working with community agencies, we:


manufacturing career fairs, tours, assessment, and presentations.

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Advance Curriculum

Lean, 5S, Six Sigma, 8D, APQP, FMEA, PPAP, Layer Process Audits (LPA) , 1st line supervisor training, and Customized Job specific training, External Vocational Training Resources and much more.


Soft and Technical skills


Life coach and job coach up to 90 days on the job

Core Curriculum

GED, Manufacturing Quality Operating Systems (MQOS), Quality Control, customer satisfaction, Effective communication, Measurement systems, Be the Best You, Data Collection & Visual Analysis, What to Expect the 1st Day (onboarding), Sources of Variation

Skilled quality workers for hire

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Our goal is to make both the worker and employer lives Better with Continuous Improvement and Growth!

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GHSA Quality Services

Who We Are

GSHA Quality Services is a workforce development training firm and staffing services employer.


About Us

For over 20+ years, Shelia Harden has been a noteworthy leader in quality in the manufacturing industry.  She is known for training, mentoring, and implement quality improvement tools and processes across 5 continents primarily at Ford Motor Company and General Motors, while assisting 100’ s of their automotive tier suppliers.   In her portfolio, she is credited for 1) the quality launch of the 2002 Mazda 6 which was recognized by JD Powers IQS as the Best New Vehicle launch, 2) increasing dealer satisfaction, and 3) implementing e-learning technology for automotive mechanics in Southern Africa to name a few.   She holds certifications in lean, six sigma black belt, Six Sigma facilitator, and several ISO lead auditor certifications.

In 2009, Ms. Harden founded GSHA Quality Services based on 1) a skill for dicing & slicing data into smaller groups or views so the data actually speaks off the page, [Note: she has helped 100’s of company around the globe improve their quality performance using this technique], and 2)  a passion to help better lives through the sharing of her knowledge and/or skill with mentoring, training, and coaching.

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Why We do What We Do? Our Beginning

GSHA was founded based on

  1. Skill for dicing & slicing data into smaller groups or views so the data actually speaks off the page. I have help 100’s of company around the globe improve their quality performance using this technique.

  2. Passion to help better lives through the sharing of my knowledge or skill with mentoring, training, and coaching.

The key services we offer are quality manufacturing training, staffing services and coaching/mentoring.   We upskill the talent to provide a skilled workforce for successful execution.

Why the ELC was formed?

The ELC was formed to provide…a positive disruption to the existing approach for recruiting, upskilling, & hiring quality talent.

  • For the employer, GSHA Quality Services help organize and manage the recruitment, upskilling, & hiring process to maximize responsiveness to employers to deliver an employer return on investment.

  • For the individual, GSHA Quality Services help to upskill the worker in transition (unskilled and low skill) with training, mentoring, and job placement to increase earning potential for sustainability.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to connect quality talent (workers) to manufacturers with our recruiting, training, job placement, and mentoring to make both the individual and the business lives better through improvement and growth.

Our Vision:

GSHA Quality services vision is establish an employer led collaborative (ELC) in cities throughout the US to facilitate connecting community agencies that support the underrepresented population with manufacturers to upskill talent, increase earning potential,  reduce workforce shortages, and improve business performance in the manufacturing sector by 2024.

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