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How to Shift to the Next Level of Performance Improvements_ Step 1

Is your business at a point where the Improvement actions have hit a plateau and are not impacting the bottom line? Does it seem like the business is circling the same path of improvement ideas year-after-year, but are not effectively moving the business forward? If you are experiencing typical signs of flat line or unstable quality performance, poor delivery time, or out of control cost, it is time for a shift; a shift back to the basics to achieve sustainable quality improvements. Here at GSHA Quality Services, we help companies shift to the next level of Performance improvements. The first step is to help companies engage everyone to take PRIDE [Personal Responsibility In Daily Events] in everything they do! Why? When a company has PRIDE embedded in their culture and/or mission statement, the employee has a belief their work matters which is key to employee engagement. Did you know more than 20% of employees list having a job they can take PRIDE as the most important factor? Based on Monster Inc survey, having a job one can take PRIDE is the 2nd most important factor other than salary. Taking PRIDE means everyone pays attention to the detail and strive for excellence. Thus, everyone is engaged as a stakeholder who has a stake (their livelihood) in the successes and failures of the business. And, successful companies engage everyone! From the Customer to the supplier, to the CEO to the janitor, because everyone matters and have tacit-knowledge (the know-how) to effectively contribute ideas to be part of the solutions for successful improvement. PRIDE is like a self-portrait of the work one does, so autograph your work with PRIDE. For more information on building PRIDE in your organization, contact GSHA Quality Services at

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