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Manufacturing Workforce 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution has begun! It is changing the way manufacturing work is done on the plant floor to drive manufacturing plants to higher levels of performance improvement. Collecting data is not enough; Drawing insights using predictive analytics is the essence of industry 4.0. According to Manufacturing Leadership Journal, Manufacturing workforce 4.0 is driven by.....

- A shift in manufacturing focus from cost to throughput

- A data-driven mindset.

- A Skill set in data analytics and connectivity to provide insight to

1) proactively help solve problems faster, and

2) help understand the customer escalating and changing requirements.

- Communication skills to effectively connect with the team on day-to-day operational concerns and/or suggestions to collaborate on the "best of all world" solutions to achieve sustainable performance improvements.

GSHA Quality Services is Manufacturing workforce ready. Contact us today at for more information on GSHA Disruptor Solution for Quality Liaison Services for Manufacturing Industry 4.0.

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