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Manufacturing Workforce 4.0: Is your team ready for transition?

As technology continues to push the agenda of a safer and efficient workforce via IIoT, real time data collection/reports, and Artificial Intelligence, many jobs will become redefined.

The workforce is being re-invented because of technological advancements. However with this re-invention, industry analyst predict new positions and new training will become important. Companies who embrace this agenda and work to staff their teams with resources that are technologically trained, will be ahead of the curve.

GSHA has partnered with a number of staffing companies around the US, to prepare our liaisons for the change of Manufacturing Workforce 4.0.

We have spent time researching and developing applications and training, to assist companies who are ready to invest into the future of the manufacturing workforce. We work hard on providing relevant data collection and analytic tools that provide efficiency and ease of access.

To learn more about the training and tools we provide our liaisons, please reach out to us via phone at 734.263.7399 or by email:

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