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Poor Quality Risk The Loss of Business

As product and process technologies continue to rapidly evolve and automotive manufacturing competition becomes more globally fierce, creating a robust quality control process with the right tools is critical to retaining and/or increasing customer loyalty in today’s complex and fast-paced automotive manufacturing environment.

Quality Control is so important when making parts for the automobile industry that the customer demands continuing improvements. No more re-occurring issues or high ppm metrics that result in assembly line stoppage, reworks, re-run, scrap, or idle time for the assembly plant production. This poor quality performance is damaging to both the supplier of the manufactured part or sub-assembly and the oem customer due to the high cost of quality and the loss of reputation.

GSHA's New Quality Control Application

As experts in quality control processes & techniques, GSHA quality services is pleased to announce the roll-out of a new quality control mobile application to help guide our clients to identify root cause of the problem to permanently correct the issue from re-occurring. Some of the features and benefits of our new mobile application is as follows:

No more paper-based data entry inspection form (100% paperless)! Quality inspection data is entered directly in the new mobile application.All data is available "real-time" for faster and easier status updates after the client is alerted of the issue.Application is integrated with existing failure modes from product and process FMEA for more accurate issue reporting. As well, the application has the capability to integrate new failure modes into product/process FMEA.Failure types are binned by "defect", "damage', "mis-assembly", or "other' to aid in assigning correct tier-level addressing the issue.Receive "real-time" notification via text or email with a link directly to a graphical shift report dashboardAccess to data analytic dashboard to show trends, pareto, concentration diagrams by lot, cavity, issue type, and/or part location to help guide you to root cause quicker.Allow participation in a "platform for the future" to easily and rapidly implement continuous improvements

This new quality control mobile application is exclusively used by GSHA quality liaisons and quality containment (3rd party sorters). The new technology combined with the expertise of our certified SSGB quality inspectors and liaisons can more effectively guide our clients to root cause and corrective action quicker to stop issues from re-occurring and drive down ppm's.

To schedule a demonstration, please contact us at or 734.263.7399. Investing in high-quality product solutions can save our clients money by keeping non-conformance cost down, improve reputation and help maintain and retain customer loyalty (business).

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