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Visual Management: Communicate Instructions More Effectively

It is a proven fact that we as humans process visual information 60,000 times faster than text information presented to us. Did you know that 83% of what we learn is visual, and that because of this, visual data is retained much more effectively than if it is simply read.

There are many benefits to using Lean Visual Management practices within your organization. Some of those benefits being improvements in quality, safety, and team on-boarding. If your organization has high ppm due to build nonconformances (assembled incorrectly, missing or wrong part, etc), perhaps, the problem is the employees are struggling with comprehension of complex text instructions. Rather the manpower is a new hire or an existing employee, there is a higher risk that every employee will not have the same interpretation of the narrative work instruction to consistently execute the process the same way. Utilizing Lean Visual Management practices to create work instructions is one solution to improve consistency in the interpretation and reduce the risk of mis-assemblies thus helping to lower your ppm.

Here at GSHA, we understand how Visual Management works and offer training/consulting to help you maximize the benefits within your organization. Reach out to us, so we can set up a meeting and find out how we can help your organization better communicate your work instructions and drive ppm improvements!

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