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Training Programs

We offer both in-house & contracted pre-apprenticeship training programs design to prepare individual to be “job-ready” with a path from training to employment.

  • Programs are short (< 8 wks) duration

  • Online and/or onsite flexibility

  • Based on practical industry experience  [Note: Employers help co-design curriculum]

  • Stackable credentials

  • Outreach services (mentor, counseling, etc)


To learn more about our in-house “Quality & Manufacturing Training Programs” (QMTP) click here or download a copy of our catalog.

Consulting & Coaching

We offer consulting/coaching services to help employers develop and deliver quality improvement strategies. Our signature quality tools include:

  • Lean, Six Sigma (LSS)

  • Advance Quality Planning (AQP)

  • Quality Management Systems (QMS)

  • Supplier Quality Development

* See Employer Led Collaborative (ELC) for Job Coach/Mentor for New Emerging Worker.

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Quality Inspection Staffing

Our Quality & Manufacturing staff includes:

  • Quality Inspectors, Quality Representatives

  • 3rd Party Sorters, 

  • Machine Operators

  • Production Assemblers

  • 1st Line Supervisors


All of our staff is placed through an extensive vetting process and interview schedule to ensure each candidate demonstrates the GSHA P.R.I.D.E principle.

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