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Short on Time?  In the parts manufacturing environment, time is precious.  Typically, the manufacturing staff may be short on time to collect the “RIGHT” data, perform the analysis, and identify or communicate the root cause (source) of the quality concern.  Most staff start the shift running to put out the fires (problems) of the day. Here at GSHA Quality Services,  we have developed practical but innovative disruptor solutions for.....

  • Online Quality  Manufacturing Training Program (QMTP)Manufacturing

  • Quality Coaching/ Consulting

  • Quality Inspection Staffing Support

to help our clients put out the fire before they become large.  Read below to learn more about how the GSHA Disruptor Solution supports our clients by minimizing waste, stopping issues from re-occurring, and driving transformational performance improvement.


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Quality Mfg. Training Program

Our quality classes are fast, practical, and industry-recognized. They help an individual (with no experience or some experience) improve their skill set of quality tools, techniques, and methodologies, which is necessary to become proficient in any quality control role. Our training programs include:

  •  Exercises based on real-world problems and solutions

  • Courses led by industry experts with 20+ years of practical experience

  • Competitive cost (avg $100 per course) and accelerated timing

  • Basic programs can be completed in 4 to 6 weeks with potential  job placement in the industry.

  • Courses focused on both job-related skills & self-mastery skills to adjust to job culture and improve job retention

  • Certificates upon completion.

For more info regarding our online courses click here or download a copy of our catalog

Quality Consulting / Coaching

After the training is completed, our certified lean, six sigma (LSS) facilitators coach/consult teams on how to apply the learnings from the training to the day-to-day activities to ensure sustainability within the workplace. Our coaching and consulting services offer:

  • 25+ years practical industry experience working in design, launch, quality, and manufacturing helping OEMs and their tier I & II suppliers improve quality and productivity

  • Option to continue coaching/consulting to apply class learning to day-to-day activities after the class is complete.

  • Gap Analysis

  • Process Focus or Product Focus Supply Management and Development for overall supply base improvement or specific supplier development for improvement.

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Quality Inspection Staffing

Our inspection staff includes:

  • Quality Inspectors, Quality Representatives

  • 3rd Party Sorters, and

  • Quality Coordinators

All of our staff is placed through an extensive vetting process and interview schedule to ensure each candidate demonstrates the GSHA P.R.I.D.E principle.  Our inspection staff:

  • Take part in ongoing quality training, development, and mentoring

  • Are Certified Six Sigma Green Belts

  • Specialize in data collection and data analysis.

  • Utilize our paperless inspection mobile app to collect data

    • Data analytics is a measure to show trends via a shift report that is sent as a text link to the client's mobile device, "Real-Time".

    • If no defect is identified, customer feedback is provided in the shift report to proactively address data insight for potential future trends