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A Tip For Advocating Change

The most damaging phrase in the language is, “We’ve always  done it this way” said Grace Hopper, an  American computer scientist and United States Navy rear admiral.

While the phrase may seem simple, this quote is stated again and again  by people within an organizations before it fall or decline.  So doing things the same way, year after year, without real improvement is a clear indication that  CHANGE is needed.

How do you advocate effective change? Become a lean disruptor within your organization!  A lean disruptor starts by taking PRIDE in everything they do.   Disruptors radically change business strategy.   They respect rules but recognizes when its time to shift; to move away from the norm of how we always do things. Disruptors ask questions and they take risk and/or action to implement changes that drive “real” performance improvement for the business.  They believe “we can do better” which can be measured by returned customers (satisfaction) and bottom line profit.  Again, It all start with PRIDE.  To learn more about becoming a lean disruptors, contact GSHA Quality Services.  Let GSHA help your business implement “real” performance improvements.

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