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Employer Led Collaborative (ELC)

These are trying times for both the worker and the employer.   There are more employers hiring than there is quality talent readily available to fill these open positions.   Thus, employers are having challenges finding the skilled worker.    As well, the worker is having difficulty find a job they have the "right" skill for.   Here at GSHA Quality Services, we have a solution!    We recruit, train, mentor, and connect individuals with employers for hire through our Employer Led Collaborative (ELC).


 How Do You Stack UP?

  • Are PPM's static or steadily increasing due to quality concerns escaping to your customer site?

  • Do you have a quality representative onsite at your customer's site to address quality concerns?

  • No time to collect and analyze the "right" data to identify the root causes to prevent issues from re-occurring?

GSHA Helps You Measure UP

How it Works

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About us

We are a one-stop quality support service company for parts manufacturers to support their every quality manufacturing service needs.



  • Quality Mfg. Training Program (QMTP)

  • Quality Consulting / Coaching

  • Manufacturing Staffing Services


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